Townline Sales LLC - has a professionally equipped service facility with trained factory motorcycle repair technicians.

  • Oil filter change
  • Lube & grease unit
  • Service/test battery
  • Set tire pressures
  • Check break/brake fluid
  • Check/top off coolant
  • Check air filter
  • Re-torque suspension
  • Common Services
  • Clutch clean/adjust
  • Check and adjust track
  • Coolant flush and fill
  • Chancase full service
  • Chaincase drain and fill
  • Clean and adjust carbs
  • Full pre- season service
  • Grease all fittings
  • change oil and filter
  • Inspect belt and clutches
  • Clean and adjust carbs
  • Inspect diferential fluids
  • Pre-Season service
  • Lube and adjust cables
  • Clean and adjust carbs
  • Change oil and filter (4stroke)
    • Dirt Bike Front Tire/Tube Change
    • Dirt Bike Rear Tire/Tube Change
    • Sport Bike Front Tire Change
    • ATV/UTV Tire Change (Per Wheel)
    • Cruiser/Touring Bike Front
      Tire/Tube Change
    • Cruiser/Touring Bike Rear
      Tire/Tube Change
    • *With aftermarket hitch/exhaust
    • True/Lace off bike (per wheel)
    • Brake Pads (per caliper)
    • DriveChain Service -
      clean, lube, adjust
    • Chain Replacement (new)
    • Dirt Bike fork seal
      replacement (both)
    • Sport Bike fork seal
      replacement (both)
    • Cruiser/Touring fork
      seal replacement (both)
    • Shock rebuilds
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