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After 16 years of providing our community with reliable transportation while working for others, I decided to open my own business. This has been a dream of mine since my first week of selling cars. I have learned a lot over these years (lucky for me I worked with great people along the way) and am I am now using this knowledge to reach my goal.

Being able to offer the people of our community reliable, clean, and affordable cars, trucks, and s.u.v’s that I stand behind - Is my business philosophy. There are many dealers who talk about this, but few who take the time and put forth the energy to follow through. I spend many hours every week searching for vehicles that meet MY strict requirements. I purchase vehicles primarily from North Carolina, Louisiana and Texas. I do this because the difference between a New York used vehicle and one from the south is incomparable. A 10 year old vehicle from the south looks like a 1-2 year old car from New York when you look underneath it. I hate rust. Many dealers send their cars out to be touched up to hide the effects of N.Y. winters in order to make selling the car easier. It is not uncommon for the rust to start appearing again in as little as 6 months after the repair - and in most cases after someone has purchased it unknowingly. I won’t have to do this with southern cars.

I know I am not perfect, and I will make mistakes along the way. But I will work hard to make them right. Given the chance, I will show you how working with one person from beginning to end will streamline your purchase experience and make it the best you have ever had. All while saving you money.


Jasen Sloan
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